Many people have a passion for wildlife and can sympathies with the plight of wild orphaned animals, but realistically very few are in a position to adopt and take care of orphaned animals themselves.

Located in KwaZuu Natal, on 350 hectares of pristine Acacia bushveld, Ishona Langa Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the welfare and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals.

Ishona Langa’s current project is the establishment a facility to take care of young orphaned rhinos.  Along with the assistance of friends, sponsors and donors, Ishona Langa Wildlife Sanctuary is aiming to make a difference in this area of wildlife welfare by provide a much needed secure and suitable environment for raising orphaned baby rhinos.

By adopting one of our precious traumatized orphaned baby rhinos whose mother has been brutally killed by unscrupulous poachers for her rhino horn, you are ensuring the path of recovery and release of this precious rhino.

There are three phases to the projects :-
Phase One
Building of bomas and development of boma infrastructure, with corresponding facilities necessary to accommodate the baby orphans.

Phase Two -
Securing sufficient funding for the management and running of the facility in order to obtain permits; the requirement for a permit for such a facility is confirmation of a bussiness plan to sustain the operation for the first 5 years.

Phase Three -
Provide Natal Parks Board with a financial management plan in order to obtain the permit and legal documentation to accommodate large herbivores.  Ishona Langa Wildlife Sanctuary requires the commitment of individuals and companies to sponser or adopt the baby rhinos in order to provide the necessary financial management plan.

What do you get for your contribution? 
Having adopted a baby rhino you will receive weekly progress reports of the little one;
You will have access to live video feeds via the internet, from cameras located in the enclosure and sleeping quarters;
A plaque on the board of honour within the enclosure;
And a certificate of adoption.

Ishona Langa Wildlife Sanctuary has completed phase one of the project, and is currently addressing Phase Two, And with your help we can succeed.

Please contact me if you can help. Victor Hugo +27 (0)824400078 or